Promotional Products and Advertising Specialties by AGM for the Ocean City area in both Maryland, MD and New Jersey, NJ.
Promotional Products Ocean City: Maryland, MD & New Jersey, NJ
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  Imprinted Memo Boards for Ocean City: Maryland, MD & New Jersey, NJ

Imprinted Memo Boards are a great way to promote your business based in the Ocean City area in both Maryland, MD and New Jersey, NJ.

Imprinted Memo Boards, if chosen wisely, remain in use for long periods of time to repeat the advertising message each time the product is used, without extra cost per exposure. Wouldn't you like to have your company's logo and contact information being viewed every time your customer or prospect opens their refrigerator door at home or uses their filing cabinet at work?

Imprinted Memo Boards come in many different varieties. They can be custom cut into almost any shape but the most popular are 8.5" x 11" rectangular style dry erase boards. Memo Boards can be imprinted with restaurant menus, charts, product instructions or pictures of your product lines. They can contain space for the user to write down important phone numbers, email addresses, notes, emergency information or grocery lists.

Most imprinted memo boards include a dry erase marker in the price and are easy to mail in a 9" x 12" envelope.

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